If you are visiting a country and you do not speak the local language, it is imperative you begin familiarizing yourself with common words and phrases.  Naturally, you will begin to pick up a language as you are submerged in it, but you should make the effort to learn some basic vocabulary, phrases and questions, before you arrive abroad. 

  • rent some foreign films, get used to hearing the language, and follow along with the subtitles
  • print out some literature and practice reading in the language to build vocabulary
  • purchase Rosetta Stone
  • try to find someone who knows the language and is willing to meet with you and practice conversational speech before you leave 

Here are some basic phrases in French, Italian, German, Swedish, Chinese, and Japanese:

  1. French:
  2. Italian:
  3. German:
  4. Swedish:
  5. Chinese:
  6. Japanese:
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One thought on “Language

  1. Must-Know-Before-You-Go Phrases:

    Thank you!
    I’m sorry. I don’t understand.
    Do you speak English?
    Where is the bathroom?

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