Copy Your Documents

Before you travel abroad it is important to make sure you make copies of your passport, birth certificate, photo identification (license), health insurance and flight itinerary.  It is suggested that you leave a copy of each document at home with a parent or guardian and that you bring a copy of everything with you abroad.  In the event that you lose the originals while traveling or have them stolen, it will be reassuring to know you have an additional copy with you, or that a parent or guardian can mail these documents to you.  Or, scan the documents and email them to yourself so you always have access to them! 

Be sure to keep these documents with you while you are traveling and never in the same place as your original documents.  Also, do not put them in any piece of luggage you are not carrying on the plane with you; bags can be lost, stolen, and misplaced at the airport. If your possessions are lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the local police. Keep a copy of the police report for insurance claims and as an explanation of what happened.  After reporting missing items to the police, report the loss or theft of: 

  • Credit cards to the issuing company
  • ATM/Bank cards to your home bank
  • Passport to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate
  • Airline tickets to the airline or travel agent
  • Travelers’ checks to the nearest agent of the issuing company
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