Before You Go

…the more you should know!

This page is a place to share thoughts and information while you’re in the pre-departure phase.

  • What are you worried about?
  • What are you excited for?
  • What information do you need in order to be successful while you’re abroad?

We all want to know!


7 thoughts on “Before You Go

  1. Emily Lund

    So this has been a long semester of trying to get things in order before I leave for Ireland in less than 2 months! Almost all of my paper work is finished and now I just have to get all of the finances in order. While I know all of these steps are necessary for me to have a successful trip, this has definitely added an extra pressure and stress to my life.

    What I am most excited about, is just living and experiencing another culture, meeting new people, and seeing a different part of the world. I love change and get very bored when I get stuck into a mundane routine. I think studying abroad will definitely help with that and give me the extra push I’ll need to finish up my year and a half left at Eastern!

  2. Dr. P.

    Thanks for your post Emily! Any suggestions for making the process easier, within reason of course, we would welcome. So excited for you.

  3. Carlos Corona

    As I prepare for this really exciting journey of going abroad, there are nerves and stress that are slowly taking over me. Looking at the list of things to do can be really overwhelming especially when we have to add school work into the equation. However, I’ve had great help throughout the way. My advisors along with friends and family have given me all the right tools to start this amazing journey. After some great recommendations from our study abroad director, I came up with the decision to go study abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece at the American College of Thessaloniki.
    From booking flights, to picking housing, to choosing my classes I would say that this is very similar to the way things worked at here at Eastern Connecticut State University. Some of the challenges that I am facing right now is figuring out the financial situation. Global links which is the third party provider that I am going through helped me come up with a list of things that needed to be done before I left and they have assisted me every step of the way in making this journey as smooth as possible.
    As many people could imagine there are many nerves that can be involved into going to a completely new country with a different culture. However, with global links and the help that I’ve gotten here at Eastern Connecticut State University from Dr. Petoskey, I feel really confortable leaving and starting this amazing and exciting journey.

  4. I have almost finished preparing for my trip to Spain for the Spring 2013 semester. It was definitely a tiring process, but fortunately I was able to send in a lot of the paperwork for ECSU and API this past summer before the October deadline. That definitely saved me time this semester! All that’s left for me to do is get my visa and I’m going for that later this month!

    I’m most excited about living in and experiencing a brand new culture! I’ve never been to Spain before so I’m beyond excited! Eastern and my study abroad program (Academic Programs International) have made me feel really comfortable about the idea of staying in another country next semester.

  5. Emily Cameron

    Departure day for my semester at University of Kent in Canterbury, England is only a short 15 days away!!! I am very excited but very nervous as well, since I know I will miss my family. Very thankful for this once in a lifetime opportunity, however, and cannot wait to see what experiences my travels have in store for me!

    • So D-day is a short 6 days away!!! Still so unreal! I don’t think the fact that I am literally “living my dream” has really hit me yet. I am VERY excited to leave!!! Started packing my suitcases and let me tell you deciding which shoes are going to make the cut is a gruesome process and no pair should be left behind! But only two suitcases (luckily not one!) and limited space so some of my babies will be forced to stay stateside. Documentation and visa stuff is really the only thing really stressing me out. Also started talking about mom’s plans for when she is coming out to visit! Thinking about a Mediterranean cruise??! I accept!

  6. Dr. P.

    Wow, Emily! Are you all set with the visa? I heard Mediterranean cruises are the best. Dr. P.

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