Do Your Research

Before you travel abroad it is important to do research.  Become familiar with the country, its customs, foods, language, holidays, and attractions.  Find out what types of festivals will be going on in your area while you are there or where and when you can travel to go to a festival, concert or performance. Find the answers to:

  • What is the country’s language? Who can I speak to in my native language if I need help?
  • What foods should I try? (What foods should I NOT try, if I have food allergies?)
  • What is country/region/city famous for?
  • Are there famous musicians, authors, or artists I want to meet while abroad?
  • What is the country’s emergency phone number? (It’s not 911!)
  • What are the country’s laws in regards to alcohol and drug use?
  • What are the appropriate clothes to wear?
  • Which religions offer services in the area?

 Explore places and cities in the surrounding areas, find out what there is to do and when special events and celebrations are going on in these locations.   Plan 10 tentative weekend trips so if you feel like traveling for the weekend you already know where you want to go, what you want to do, where you will stay and how much it will cost.  If you are into hiking, plan some excursions; if you love to shop, find out which cities have the stores you like; if you like to fish, find out where you can go fishing.  What is important is that you do your planning and research now.

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  1. Consider: (Rick Steves’ Travel in Europe)
    Wikipedia Travel
    Lonely Planet and Frommers travel guide books and and for hostel accommodation and for free accommodations worldwide (International Festival and Events Association)

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