Edit Your Resume

 Education Credentials in Resumes

from “Marketing Study Abroad: How to Sell Your Overseas Experience to Employers” by Jean-Marc Hachey of www.workingoverseas.com    

Younger professionals should write about their education more extensively than mid-career professionals. Write about your educational career as if it were a job. You are not doing justice to yourself if you devote only two lines to your study abroad experience. Start with the normal header information, but follow it up with bullets outlining the experience you had while abroad and the skills you developed. Refer to this article’s “Inventory of Your Experience” section for examples of what to write.

Other bullets to consider when describing your study abroad or other study experiences are: Significant Projects, Field Studies, Cross-Cultural Mentoring, Team Leadership, Awards. If you studied at a world-renowned school or with a famous professor, reference this. Indicate how you overcame financial challenges by perhaps working while abroad. If you traveled while studying abroad, or if you had close cross-cultural contact, write a bullet about this.

Do not list courses taken, but always list “Areas of Interest.” This tells employers much about your professional personality and these most likely point to your top skills since we tend to be good at what we enjoy.

If you are applying for international work, consider grouping all your international experience (work, volunteer, study abroad, international courses, travel and languages) under one heading for greater impact.

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