This website is to help connect Study Abroad students at Eastern Connecticut State University. This page is for you if you:

  • have applied to study abroad and are waiting to depart
  • are currently studying abroad
  • have returned to ECSU after studying abroad

If you are interested in studying abroad but have not yet applied, you can use this page to read firsthand accounts from ECSU students. Please visit Eastern’s Study Abroad website and stop in at the Study Abroad Office in Wood Support Services, Room 100D to learn more and to apply.

This page is only the beginning. It is by no means exhaustive of everything you should know and do before, during, or after studying abroad. The links and resources have been provided based on personal knowledge and experience of those individuals who have studied abroad. ECSU does not advocate, advertise, or take responsibility for any of the content of external links.

This social media site is maintained by Eastern Connecticut State University and constitutes an official University communication. Content is managed by a University employee.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi everyone, my name is Ally Cafferty and I am a sophomore at Eastern Connecticut State University. I plan on studying abroad in Canada at St. Francis Xavier University during my junior year. I have already done a lot of research about Canada and I want to share what I found with everyone else! These are the top 5 reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Canada: 1) Eastern offers 10 different Canada Universities for you to choose from, and because it is through Eastern, it means you pay the same price you are paying right now without any additional fees! 2) All of the courses are taught in English which means you do not have to spend a semester learning another language just to understand the course material! 3) Canada is perfect for the outdoors type and sport-oriented; some of the colleges offer archery, kayaking, ice hockey, and rock climbing. 4) Most of the courses offered are the same courses that you need to take at Eastern! So if you are a Psychology major and need to take Psychopathology of Childhood, the Canadian colleges have it! 5) It was ranked by the UN as one of the best places in the world to live in, with its excellence in academics, beautiful surroundings, and the benefit of being able to work on campus as well, Canada should be everyone’s first option when studying abroad!

  2. rebeccah

    I had such an amazing experience studying abroad through ECSU’s program. I studied at University of Central Lancashire in England during the Fall 2011 semester. I remember when I first got the idea to go, a friend of mine was talking about going abroad and I thought that it would be such an amazing experience! Unfortunately, I learned about it a week before the application was due. Thankfully, Indira Petoskey and the student workers in the study abroad office were so helpful in making sure I got done everything I needed to in the application process. Once I got accepted, there was still a lot more work to get done before I could leave for England but again, Indira was such an amazing resource. In case anyone else is thinking of studying abroad, I recomend contacting the University where you will be studying early on, because they were the hardest to get a response from, and I needed a lot of information from them, like course information that wasn’t readily available on their website. Thankfully I had so much support from ECSU, that the paperwork was finished in time, and I was on my way! England was amazing. I travelled all over England, Scotland, Ireland, and had getaways to Paris and Rome. I was amazed at how much cheaper and easier it is to travel once you are in Europe. This experience is something I will keep with me my whole life, and I just wanted to thank the Study Abroad Office at Eastern for their support, and making it happen!

  3. Heather Cino

    hey 🙂

    I am a senior here in ECSU. I studied abroad my sophomore to Florence, Italy and had the best time of my life.

    I am now intenering at the study abroad office and was shown this site….this is a great site! I wish I had known about when I was trying to plan my aborad experience!

    Getting everything together was such a pain, HOWEVER, completely worth it!!! And, honestly, exploring this site along with other sites will really help your experience 🙂

    Feel free to add any comments or questions to any parts of this site 🙂
    It’d be more than appreciated

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