Tell Only Career Stories


Develop a Stock of Career Stories

FromMarketing Study Abroad: How to Sell Your Overseas Experience to Employers” by Jean-Marc Hachey of    


Everyone who has studied abroad has their own list of “wild and shocking” stories to share with friends. These edgy cross-cultural experiences are fun to share, but not with potential employers. You need to modify them or devise a new set of cross-cultural career related stories about your study abroad experience. Craft these stories ahead of time, and build them to reinforce professional skill sets. Here are a few examples:

  •         Describe your role when working with student teams while abroad.
  •         Describe your encounters when meeting professionals working in your field.
  •         Speak about personal encounters that gave you insight into the local culture.
  •         Speak about the link between your country and the host country, especially in terms of the work place.
  •         Describe your professional skills through a story about a cross-cultural encounter that went wrong.

You only need three or four of these pre-scripted career stories when job searching. One story alone is often enough to demonstrate a whole grouping of your professional skills, maturity, insightfulness, sound judgment, cross-cultural knowledge, etc.

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