Before you go abroad, save, save, save!

Whether it involves picking up a part-time job, painting your neighbor’s house, selling your old bicycle or scraping together all the loose change in your house, earning extra spending money for your semester abroad should be something you have already been doing. 

You never have enough money when traveling internationally; there is so much to see, to eat, to do and so many things you will want to buy.  Your money management skills will be tested and your budget will be stretched to its last pennies.  Before traveling abroad it is important to know where you will be able to get cash and what a good exchange rate is.  For information on International Exchange Rates you can visit

Before you leave the United States, it is important that you find a local bank that exchanges money to acquire currency for the country you will be studying in.  I suggest having the equivalent to a few hundred American dollars of currency on you when you arrive to your country.  This way, when you arrive, you will have plenty of money for the first few weeks in the unlikely event that you have difficulties taking out money from ATM’s and Banks when you first arrive to this new location.

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  1. Have an emergency stash…

    Always have a few hundred dollars stashed in your room or luggage, so if you do run into any problems, you have money to support yourself while these issues are being resolved. When it comes to the end of your trip this couple hundred dollars, your emergency funds, will act as a Bonus for any final travels, purchases or meals you wish to have before your departure back home. You will be very glad you set that money aside when that time comes!

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