My Study Abroad: Alli in Costa Rica

Alli Lavigne is a senior who is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Spanish in just a few short weeks.  Her junior semester abroad in Costa Rica through one of Eastern Connecticut State University’s 3rd Party Providers, CISabroad, admittedly led her to where she is now; an individual with a serious case of wanderlust, and a well-informed student working in the ECSU Study Abroad office.  Here is a glimpse into Alli’s former life as a traveller in San Jose:

First it’s probably prudent to explain my living and friend arrangement–

Nine students from all around the United States used CISabroad for their trip to Costa Rica. So right off the bat, it always comes down to the 9 of us at the end of the day. I live in a house with an adorable old Spanish woman and Jordan, my roommate from Colorado (we have separate bedrooms WITH TVs), and mama Tica’s two dogs, Luna and Gypsy.

They really like to come chill on my bed with me all the time, Luna especially. She always manages to sit in between me and my computer, which then makes Gyspy jealous. She starts to whine, so I constantly need to be giving them both attention, or neither of them attention. It’s a tough life.

So in any event, the 9 of us and a couple other random people took a mighty expensive excursion to Manuel Antonio for the first weekend. We all squeezed into a teeny tiny bus with no AC for four hours until we got off at the hotel, which was par. The town itself mainly consisted of two half blocks that had three bars, two restaurants, a supermarket, a couple hotels, and a national park; seriously that’s it. The national park is just a path through the jungle that ultimately leads to a beach and usually there are lots of animals, but not so much for us. We spent the day walking through the jungle and playing on the beach and we all zonked out by the end of the night.


That last night originally seemed like it was going to be really boring. A bunch of the group disappeared and it was just me and two other girls. We walked down to the beach for a bit and then ran into the rest of our group. After a while, the girls went to bed so and everyone else and I hung out for a bit. We played music and some card games, all chatting and laughing. It was definitely a good night full of good people, good conversation, and good fun.

On the way home we stopped to stretch our legs. The driver stopped on the side of the road and brought us all over to the bridge. We looked down and there was a whole bunch of CROCODILES. They wanted to eat us all but it didn’t happen, so that’s good…

ECSU’s Study Abroad office is passionate about all of the benefits going abroad offers.  Please stop by to discuss the endless amount of options that are out there waiting for you!  Where do you want to explore?

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