Top 15 Must Sees in the South Pacific

1) Kakadu National Park, Australia

Find legroom, extraordinary wildlife and ancient culture in Australia‘s largest national park.

2) Franz Josef & Fox Glacier, New Zealand

On the ground or in the air, discover the icy grandeur of these centuries-old ice floes.

3) Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Flipper-kick into a luxury liner, hack through to a cave, bus up to picture-perfect beaches.

4) Rurutu, Tahiti & French Polynesia

Believe in magic after swimming with migrating humpback whales.

5) Tongatapu, Tonga

Marvel at the South Pacific’s Stonehenge, explore pyramidal tombs and applaud the spurting blowholes.

6) Gizo, Solomon Islands

Surf without surf-rage in warm crystal-clear waters at Pailongge’s excellent reef-breaks.

7. Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia

Pay homage to Australia‘s most sacred rock.

8) Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

Explore the volcanic wonderland on one of the world’s best day walks or a challenging mountain bike ride.

9) Sydney, Australia

Sexy beaches, stylish bars and sassy culture all topped off with views over the stunning harbour.

10) Ile des Pins, New Caledonia

Glide across tranquil Baie d’Upi on Île des Pins in a traditional sailing pirogue.

11) Wellington, New Zealand

Windy Welly isn’t all politics: revel in NZ‘s best nightlife and caffeine-scene along Cuba St and Courtenay Pl

12) Federated States of Micronesia

Sample some of the Pacific’s best diving, including Chuuk‘s amazing WWII wrecks and Yap‘s beautiful manta rays.

13) Aitutaki, Rarotonga & The Cook Islands

Discover the underwater wonderland of Aitutaki‘s world-famous lagoon.

14) Great Ocean Road, Australia

Ribbon your way between the beach and bush along Victoria’s exquisite coast.

15) Napier, New Zealand

Sip on a syrah amid the Art Deco ambience of the Hawkes Bay Wine Region.


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2 thoughts on “Top 15 Must Sees in the South Pacific

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